Brake Shop

We are friendly knowledgeable and can help you with your needs. It is important you keep your brakes in good condition in order to keep up with proper car maintenance. You never know when you might hit traffic and be forced to make a sudden stop; faulty brakes can cause a serious accident. It is recommended that you receive a brake inspection at least once a year, especially if you commute often and take long road trips.

If you notice any changes with the pedal, such as sponginess or heavy resistance, bring it to U-N-R Auto Repair in Cleveland, OH, for quick brake repair or replacement assistance. If you hear screeching or grinding noises whenever you brake, it can be a sign of underlying problems that need to be examined more closely by our expert mechanic. Whether you need a brake change or just a quality inspection, bring it to our auto repair shop and we will quickly assess the situation.

The technicians at U-N-R Auto Repair in Cleveland, OH, are friendly, knowledgeable and understand how brakes work and fail. Our brake shop can help you with any of your vehicle’s braking needs. We've seen it all from typical brake pad erosion to more exotic malfunctions. We are fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to address any automotive repair issues you have. Call our car inspection station and we’ll make sure you are up and running in no time.